Together We Build Places Every Neighbor Can Call Home.
Real Estate is not just about putting up buildings, but about bringing quality to communities and homes to every resident.

Real Estate Development is a complicated, multi-step process.  For this reason, Spak Group manages its entire development cycle to ensure the highest quality of its homes by vertically integrating the following steps:

  • Market and risk analysis
  • Negotiations and purchase
  • Pre-development design, entitlements, and permitting
  • Capital raise and financing
  • Construction, oversight and management
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Operation and property management
  • Develop a Critical Path Schedule for each Project

Through its sister company, KAPS Construction, Spak Group effectively and efficiently manages the fine art of constructing a building.  With the assistance of our amazing subcontractor partners, KAPS leads the effort to complete the detailed process of bringing high quality projects out of the ground by handling the following details:

  • Completion of Estimating, Contractor Agreements and Guaranteed Pricing
  • Permitting and Liaison with Government Agencies and Inspectors
  • Communication with all Architects, Engineers and Site Work
  • Coordination of all Subcontractors
  • Personal Involvement with Day-to-Day Completion of the Work responsible by each Trade
  • Oversight of Intricate Details to Deliver Excellent Homes and Commercial Spaces in Coordination with our Client

Through its sister company, Spak Management, Spak Group delivers exceptional and consistent customer service.  We want our buildings to become your home, and aim every day to meet and surpass the expectations of our residents by successfully completing the following:

  • Personal Involvement with Day-to-Day Completion of all Maintenance through our In-house Maintenance Staff
  • Ability to Communicate 24 Hour, 7 Day a Week Response by Phone, Email and Digital Maintenance Requests
  • Electronic Payment Options
  • A Convenient Office Location with Available Staff
  • Electronic Access to Records for all Tenants
  • Coordination of all Subcontractors making Repairs and Upkeep
  • Consistent Preventive Maintenance Efforts
  • Affordable Utility Expense with an Intent on a More Environmental Friendly Building Environment with Green-Roofs and Solar Panels; as well as, high-efficiency Equipment on Most of our Buildings.