Marsha Spak

After studying business and real estate at Drexel University and Temple University, serial entrepreneur Marsha Spak started her career in real estate as a realtor. Marsha has been self-employed in various capacities for the last thirty (30) years; first (1st) owning a residential cleaning company and then opening the Washer & Dryer Connection (a three (3) store appliance center that was opened for twenty (20) years before it was sold to a long-time Employee); and then managing her own real estate holdings.  In 2008, Marsha sold all of her holdings and started a non-profit venture called Parents Involved; which partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to re-establish and re-build the Parent/Teacher Associations within the District.  Parents Involved successful lobbied and fundraised to install HVAC systems at Greenberg Elementary; raising lines of credit and donations from Home Depot and donated labor from local business to get the system installed.

Marsha uses her incredible expertise to administer all human resource matters, the precise oversight of our maintenance programs, and the day-to-day detailed financial health of the 12+ companies that make-up The Spak Group.  But the secret to the Spak Group brand is the detail to customer service; which Marsha manages with fierce dedication.

Partnering with her son, Ryan Spak, Marsha has helped to build Spak Group based real estate and development company that vertically integrates ownership, development, construction and management to provide quality homes and amazing commercial spaces with outstanding customer service.

When not in the office, Marsha can be found refinishing antique furniture, designing picture windows and caring for her beloved granddaughters.