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When our founders teamed up to buy one triplex in 2011, the vision was so very simply: Resolve for a vacant building on the same block where one of the founders resides and make a small profit. Spak Group has since transformed into a premier Philadelphia based Equitable Real Estate Development company. 

 As one small project led to another, Spak Group became multiple companies to support its growth integrating ownership, development, construction and management into one system to provide high quality residences, amazing commercial spaces, and outstanding customer service to our residents. 

 And as the projects became bigger, more complicated and more impactful, Spak Group adapted its mission and its goals to include dynamic community engagement that included open, candid and accessible conversations with neighbors about the needs, wants and concerns of the community with the goal of creating more equitable developments.  Simultaneously, Spak Group recognizes Climate Change and that we can be part of the solution.  Spak Group now installs green roofs on its properties as well as permeable stones (instead of concrete) for stormwater management, has more 100+ solar panels scheduled to be installed on its properties by 2020 and has designs for properties that produce more energy than used and are built inside controlled warehouses that produce zero waste.

 Today, Spak Group is working diligently to be an Equitable Real Estate Development company that takes into account affordability, culture and community in every aspect of our organization.  We are proud to employ small businesses in the building trades, to ensure we pay our employees a living wage ($15+ / hour) and to invest our dollars directly into our City and neighborhoods.  And we are honored to work tirelessly as a Team to create buildings that are places our residents can call home.

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Joseph M. (Posted on Yelp) (March 2018)

West Philly is in a great state of transition now, and I know many folks are upset at what appears to be uncontrolled gentrification. To me, I think The Spak Group is building great homes for EVERYONE in West Philly. My neighbors truly do reflect the diversity of the neighborhood, which I greatly appreciate AND respect being a person of color myself.

Glennon G. (Posted on Google Review) (May 2019)

…No management company has come close to the quality of the Spaks. Straight forward and honest. Helpful and accommodating. Family owned and operated business and they act like it. Conveniently located main building and available staff in-person during business hours and by phone in the evening and weekends. I only moved to be closer to my business, otherwise I would still be renting from them. Many rental options pricewise as well, which was the initial attraction. I couldn’t afford a lot as a musician and they offered just the perfect situation… 10/10!

Alyssa D (Posted on Facebook Review) (December 2017)

How many landlord horror stories have you heard? My guess is a whole bunch.  NOT with these guys! My girlfriend and I moved to Philadelphia 4 months ago and choosing Spak Group was honestly our best call. They have been attentive, reasonable, and respectful since before we even moved in. We haven’t had any major issues in the apartment, but the minor items have been handled quickly and professionally with no question. We look forward to the rest of our lease term with Spak, and have no doubt we would sign it again.

Rhiannon M (Posted on Yelp) (September 2015)

I have lived in a Spak Group apartment for over three years. From day one, (Spak) took the time to help orient me to the local area and always shows a great deal of passion and dedication to their work and to the local neighborhood. (Spak) consistently go above and beyond to ensure that the apartment and building is safe and cared for. They have a quick response time to maintenance requests. I definitely recommend renting from Spak Group.

Alexa F (Posted on Yelp) (June 2017)

Ryan Spak and the rest of Spak Group have been more accommodating and helpful than I could have hoped for, from helping us navigate the difficulties of moving to being hyper-responsive about any questions or concerns we have. The apartments are beautiful, well made and designed, and utilities have turned out to be really inexpensive. The neighborhood is wonderful, the building is brand new and quiet, and this is the first time I’ve had a landlord that placed the best interests of the residents first. Could not recommend this location more!

Joe M (Posted on Yelp) (March 2018)

As far as my actual apartment goes…there is no place I have ever lived, including my childhood home, that has ever felt like home. THIS apartment is my home. It’s clean, spacious, warm, and my neighbors are very friendly. I have never had an issue with rodents (which is amazing for the city), nor have I had an issue with noise. And my rent…the value is amazing. I have such a great apartment for such a fair price. There is no way you’re getting my apartment at this price anywhere else in the city.

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Grand Jury Award for Preservation from Philadelphia Preservation Alliance 1st Prize


Storefront Challenge Extreme Makeover Award from Community Design Collaborative and Philadelphia Commerce Department


University City Historical Society Outstanding Preservation Award


Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana 2001 Preservation Award, Adaptive Use Axis Studio


Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building Axis Studio


LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction Axis Studio